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St. Patricks Day. Chicago Illinois — Mouthy kid gets assaulted by police officer. From what I see, the officer could have walked away and deescalated the issue. But the officer got in his face and started finger poking him. How could this behavior have resulted in a calming effect? It couldn’t have. So anyway, the officer provokes him and when the kid bows up at the officer out of anger, the cop decides that picking him up by his throat is the appropriate thing to do.

This is the police’s version of professionalism. They dare mock the citizens unprofessional outbursts.

Don’t get me wrong, clearly this kid was causing trouble out there. But that doesn’t justify this type of force against him. I am certain it is against police policy… for a reason. And the idiots in the crowd who cheer this kind of shit… those people piss me off more than the police.


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